Special Offer. Confidence Evening Workshop +coaching session = £35

Has your voice, and confidence, ever faltered during a presentation, performance, audition, an interview or lecture?

Would you like to speak in a way that is richer, steadier, more colourful, powerful and authoritive? Would you like to be able to control nerves and behave more confidently?

Confidence Tricks! 

Evening Workshop + Coaching session + CD.  £35.

Thursday 24th November
7pm – 9.15pm
Central Hove

With Alan Daniel Mars author of Confidence Tricks
Limited to six participants


Confidence Tricks. Centred Singing. Please click on the image for a YouTube clip on centring.
Confidence Tricks. Posture, voice and confidence.


Reliable confidence is based on the repeated practice of surprisingly simple procedures. Experience Alive Relaxation, Energy & Flow during presentations, meetings or any challenging situation.

Discover how posture profoundly influences breathing and speech…

  • Reduce nerves and build confidence
  • Control the pace of your speech
  • Articulate more clearly
  • Vary pitch, volume and rhythm
  • Warm-up your voice at home

During the initial workshop, Daniel Mars, will introduce you to the basic procedures – the postural, emotional, vocal and spatial landmarks – which underpin confident and assured performance.

The individual session is an opportunity to work with Daniel on tailoring the procedures and applying them to a situation or issue of your choice.

Read some of Daniel Alan Mars’s excellent testimonials here.

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Physical Solutions to Emotional Problems?

Physical solutions to ‘perceived’ emotional problems? Perhaps it’s better if I let a client, Fiona Archbold, speak first….

“Alan is a highly skilled teacher of the Alexander Technique0a13538 tailored to meet your specific issue. In common with many of my gender I can get a bit ‘frozen’ if aggression arises in the office. It’s annoying that girls don’t get the same early training as boys, in fact we get the opposite and instinctively try to pacify. Great for social scenarios but not for situations when the bullies are rampaging the office. So Alan taught me some of the tricks from his Alexander Technique bag and literally within 24 hours I was holding my own and remaining calm enough for my brain to work. I also did some co-presenting with Alan as part of some team building sessions and again he wowed them with his physical solutions to perceived ’emotional’ problems. Give it a go! I promise you can be more in control and remain calm in those testosterone filled occasions. Alan can help you level the playing field.”

So what are these physical solutions to ‘perceived emotional problems’ that Fiona found so helpful?

I like to call them postural landmarks. The central landmark is, strangely enough, your body’s centre of gravity.  Placing attention in the centre of gravity helps to reinforce a sense of confidence and assured behaviou. It also helps to support and free the speaking voice.

The Youtube clip below walks you through the process. Any questions? Go ahead and ask!