Alan Mars is the author of ‘Confidence Tricks – Presenter’ a book on public speaking and presentation skills. He has taken the best techniques from the performing arts and adapted them for use in the workplace.

Confidence Tricks presentation skills

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He has taught Alexander Technique, voice-work at many top London drama and music schools including the Arts Educational Drama School, the Guildhall and the Royal College of Music, since 1982.


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By David Parish02-Nov-2013
This is a book I would definitely recommend for anyone who has to present in public – whatever the occasion. I have taken some sessions with Alan including some on movement and the Alexander technique and have frequently found his ideas useful in my job – often in surprising ways. I am a lecturer in Biochemistry and so some of the topics (such as how to organise the contents of a presentation) I found relatively familiar but others were new to me, for example how being aware of your own balance and centre of gravity can improve the way you present yourself and how confident you seem to your audience.  More >