Alexander Technique & Scoliosis- Dr S. Siegler

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”I came to Brighton in November 2011, hardly able to walk even using walking poles, following surgery for discs and correction of a scoliosis. As a GP I was aware of the Alexander Technique but had no experience of it, but it was a friend who is an Alexander teacher that felt this could help me.

I found Alan Mars from the internet and have had three sessions a week with him. Four months later I can now manage to walk about 4 miles, using the poles, which for me represents an enormous improvement. This has enabled me to get back much of my former life. Alan constantly assesses my problems and comes up with suggestions to help me.

He has 30 years experience of teaching the Alexander Technique and it is this that I am sure enables him to be such an effective therapist.”

Dr Sarah Siegler – GP

BN3 Alexander Technique lessons Hove May 18, 2016

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