Alexander Technique & whiplash – Dr C.Gutjahr

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“Alan’s work as Alexander teacher is outstanding. My most impressive experience was an amazingly fast (within the hour) and lasting reversal of symptoms of a 3 days old whiplash injury, a condition that can often take weeks if not months to heal with or without physiotherapy. His interest in neurophysiology and neurobiology underpins his work on repetitive strain injuries. I do experience him as innately and sometimes uncannily perceptive of my physical states. Alan also draws on a broad range of expertise and skills including voice training, presentation skills, aikido and NLP techniques amongst others. I would recommend him unreservedly as an Alexander teacher.”

Dr C.Gutjahr – (GMC 3434127)

Alexander Technique testimonial - Dr C.Gutjahr Alexander Technique for neck pain relief. Central Hove BN3 May 17, 2016

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