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”I started Alexander Lessons with Alan initially intending to try it for 6 sessions to work on posture, voice (speaking and singing) and presentation skills. As someone with a tendency to laziness and ill-discipline I am always on the look out for easier ways of doing things and Alan is a polymath in the intelligent and efficient use of the body and voice. I have been having lessons on a regular basis for the past 3 years in part because of Alans engaging and expert teaching style but also because I find the lessons incorporate elements of yoga, pilates, physio, relaxation and mindfulness meditation without the effort of going to a class.

The other great thing for me is that I don’t have to set aside time for formal practice as – much like minfulness meditation – I practice the technique in everyday life – walking the dog, running, getting in to the car. As a health professional I have to know the principles of how something works – and Alan has a great, humourous and uncomplicated teaching style – but I also need evidence that something works and the main reason I keep having lessons is the benefits I have noticed – better posture, an end to chronic low grade back pain, a stronger easier freer voice and as a runner I have been able to improve my running economy and stay free from the usual chronic injuries, aches and pains I used to put up with before having lessons.”

Dr Rick Clarke

Hove Alexander Technique BN3 May 18, 2016

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