Alexander Technique for Older People

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”I first came to Alan for Alexander lessons in July 2011, about 6 weeks before my 69th birthday. A lifetime of bad posture had led to various problems, including chronic back pain, exacerbated by the fact that I still work in a sedentary job. His teaching – both the hands-on aspect and the explanations of how the body works, what to practise and be aware of as I stand, sit, walk about – has made a truly remarkable difference. Although I still get twinges, unsurprising at my age, I am no longer in constant pain. This gives me more energy and I am therefore more mobile, I feel better and I look better. At a New Year party – just under six months after my first lesson – someone meeting me for the first time (and who works in the theatre) asked me if I was a dancer. I reckon that says it all and was a great tribute to a splendid teacher.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Alison Jelley – Administrator, hired Alan Mars as an Alexander Technique teacher ┬áin 2011

Alexander Technique Hove for posture, mobility & energy May 18, 2011

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